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  • Contact your Level-C PPE Broker/Manager for
  • Price and Availability Updates - All Orders are Managed and Confidential.
  • Level-C PPE with PAPR and Radiation Detection Instruments Can't be Exchanged or Returned. 
  • This is Premium, Level-C PPE with PAPR.
  • The Level-C PPE Go-Pack Contains: 1 PAPR and 6 Premium PPE Suits.
  • The Helmet PAPR Headgear has an APF1000 rating. 50 Nitrile Gloves, 50 Overboots
  • "This is a Head-to-Toe, Full-Barrier Precaution To Limit Exposure to CBRN Particulates, During and After an Official, Ordered Evacuation Away From a CBRN Hot-Zone or Away From a CBRN Plume Pathway."  
  • Helmet PAPR Headgear, Extra HEPA Filters, 8-Hour Rechargeable Battery, One-button Operation
  • 6 Premium PPE Suits,  Gloves and Boot Covers, CDC and NIOSH  Approved -
  • Free, Level-C PPE Go-Pack Durable Duffel.


1/6 Level-C PPE Go-Pack = 1 PAPR and 6 Suits

5/50 Level-C PPE Go Pack = 5 PAPRs and 50 Suits

10/100 Level-C PPE Push-Pack = 10 PAPRs, 100 Suits, Free Comfort Upgrades

Orders are Managed and Confidential. Priority Service Available for Level-C PPE Push-Packs.

An Official, Ordered Evacuation Notes if Current Conditions are Within the Scope of Level-C PPE with PAPR.

Level-C PPE Go-Pack

SKU: 1/6Level-C PPE 1
  • Level-C PPE with PAPR - Essential for Essential Personnel

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