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Welcome to Level-C PPE

Level-C PPE is a 
U.S. Brokerage and
Alternative Resource for
Premium, Level-C PPE with PAPR.

Service Developed by a
Medical, Level-C PPE Analyst, RN, Veteran

Our Objective is Simple:

To Find and Forward Level-C PPE for 

Tier-1 and Tier-2 Essential Personnel to 

Limit Exposure to CBRN Particulates, 

During and After an Ordered Evacuation,

Away From a CBRN Hot-Zone or

Away From a CBRN Plume Pathway.

An Official, Ordered Evacuation Notes If Current Conditions Are

Within the Scope of Level-C PPE with PAPR. --- 727-580-5997

Only Premium, Level-C PPE with PAPR -

Manufacturer's Instructions Included in the

Original Non-Retail Packaging.

Premium, Personal Gamma Alarms and Meters -

Official, CBRN Operations Guidebooks -


Enjoy Full Access to,

"All Things CBRN and Level-C PPE"

Official Information & Training Resources -

News, Articles and Scenarios -

Brokerage Services Orders

 All Orders are Managed and Confidential. is an equipment brokerage.

Level-C PPE Shipments Restricted to a U.S. Address.

PPE Cannot Be Exchanged or Returned. All Sales are Final.


Free Information Consult for

Level-C PPE Go-Packs for

Tier-1 and Tier-2 Essential Personnel.

727-580-5997 ---

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